Thursday, April 24, 2008

Always late? Puertorrican time...

I was reading one of those lady magazines's May issue. In it, a famous psychologist writes about what being chronically late says about you. Control issues, deppresion, fear...what is it that make every person not be punctual, making everyone around wait for them?

I have been trying to do some research on the question nagging my head while I read. This psychologist, did he base his findings from research done with North American patients only? Growing up in Puerto Rico, my mother was a stickler for being always on time. And understandably: she was tired of the common "Puertorrican time". Seems like almost everyone down in the island is affected by this. Is not like we are totally laid back and relaxed, but no one seems to care if they make it on time anywhere. And the same can be said from the ones I know live here in the States. My mother was always ready on time, and fumed when, before she bought a car, had to rely on others who always said they would show at a certain time but did 2 hours later. But her motto was, "I rather wait than have someone wait for me". Once I attended a baby shower, scheduled to start at 3pm. Knowing the hosts were fellow Puertorricans, we took our time and showed at 3:15. The hall was still being decorated! The hosts showed up close to 5!
We were a little annoyed, but still managed to have a good time. Just the food was worth it!

But, in reading the article, I was wondering, what is it that make most Puertorricans not care about punctuality? What causes the legendary "Puertorrican time"? I would like opinions...if anyone has the slightest idea...

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