Friday, June 20, 2008

On Raising Children...

So, I spend a great deal of my cybertime at a local parenting forum. Bunch of great ladies, I have to say.

And is a great place to exchange ideas and support one another when it comes to parenting-and other stuff also.

It is from there I got the idea for my blog today.

Of how different parenting styles are. How most people are not wrong or right in the way they raise their children. What ones find normal, others find bizarre. What work for some, does not work for many, and vice-versa.

One thread was dedicated at comments strangers make to mothers about their children. The nerve of some people, I tell you! Some of the stories made my jaw drop.

But in particular, one situation touched me closely. I commented on how I got glares from people at the mall when I had my baby's ears pierced; she was four month's old. I also commented that in Puerto Rico that is a very common practice.

Another mom comented she knew a Hispanic family who belonged to a religion that considered body piercings a sin. Well, yeah, those exists. Still, a lot of little girls in Puerto Rico get their little ear bling before the age of one.

Which led me to ponder about this:

Not to use a cliche, but children do not come with instruction manuals. You learn on the go. At first is overwhelming and at times frustrating, but you get the hang of it...eventually-hopefully! We all go through that, and I bet some of the people who glare at the mall, or offer advice nobody asked for are parents who went through that themselves. What is it that make people be so rude? You know what makes me laugh? The well-intentioned ones who offer the advise, even when they don't have children...oh, ignorance is blissful...A little person somewhere in my brain says, while listening to them..."You just wait!"...while laughing hysterically.

Still, I wish them the best. As of me...I have grown a skin thick enough as a mother to know when to smile and ignore, or when to give a witty comeback. And not to let the "mythical" Puertorican temper flare up... after all, Puertoricans are known to be nosey, loud and criticize everything, parenting styles of other ethnic groups included. Because we love our children too. Which is what it all boils down

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Cassy said...

I must have been 4 months old when mami had my ears pierced! Its just not a big deal where we're from. I suppose we all judge according to our own experiences.