Saturday, August 8, 2009

Facebook Woes...

So, I have not been here in a while...

I know, I know. I announce a return, a comeback, and then I go away again. Life is busy, you know?

I have children, a full time job, and go to school, so, I thought keeping up with this blog was going to be easier. But it is not.

But, here I am, with a few thoughts. And, if people would like to respond, good or bad, go right ahead.

I am on Facebook. If you have read my prior posts, you know that.

I have been on there for almost two years now. I have a lot of friends in there. After a while, I go through a clean up process. I simply review my list of friends, and decide who should stay, and who should go. Eventually, I would like to reduce my list to family and close friends who are close to me even if they live far away. Not everyone that is there.

It was fun at first to have everybody that I possibly could. Now, not so much.

So, I "unfriended" (not my word!) someone the other day. This is a person who I am not related to, and who I don't consider a close friend. She just went in that "clean up" phase. Honestly, I had been wanting to remove this person for a while. Due to certain circumstances, this is not a person I want knowing the details of my life on Facebook.

The surprise here is how this person reacted...within two hours I had an email asking why was she removed.

Are you kidding? I don't even know who removes me!! Quite frankly, I don't care! I don't have time to check each time my number of friends go down!

Apparently this person DOES have the time to do that. I was sort of creeped out. I have a sort of "business" relationship with this person, which is about to end next week. So I still need to communicate with her. She has been behaving very "unbecoming" about this whole deal.

Really? About Facebook? I could understand if this person was someone I considered one of my best friends...but...


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Dana said...

I think that is rather creepy actually. I suppose she just took it very personally. Very...