Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin is not Egypt.

No, Wisconsin is NOT Egypt.

It irritates me greatly when people compare Wisconsin current events to the uprising and the fight of the Egyptian people.

As someone who contributed a little grain of sand to help the people of Egypt through Twitter, and read, probably before it hit the media, what some of them went through, I fail to be able to make a comparison.

Why? Well, I will tell you why.

Today, I heard on radio the account of a young woman who witnessed an affront on some one's rights.

Last weekend, Madison saw record numbers of protesters supporting "workers rights." Rights that, according to them, have been stripped from the hard-working people of Wisconsin. We had movie stars, Hollywood personalities, advocating for them because they "belong to an union." Advocating also for the so called "peaceful protesters."

Among all of that crowd, there was no room for those who support the Government to be heard. In Egypt, the people protested, but the Government tried to silence them. In Wisconsin, while those against the Government protest, those in support are the ones attacked, threatened, beaten.

A young woman and a friend dared to show up in Madison. They were driving, with a sign declaring their support for Scott Walker. While stuck in traffic, the driver was attacked by an anti-Walker protester. There were pictures emailed to the host of a local radio show host. I have no reason to doubt this happened. The attacker punched her car, reached in, pulled the sign, and grabbed her cell phone and took off when she attempted to call for help. Fortunately, another protester (one with a conscience who did not think it was right), chased the guy and convinced him to give back the stolen item. He boasted of doing "the right thing."

Meanwhile, the girl tried to find a police officer. Before she did, she was surrounded by anywhere from ten to twenty protesters who yelled obscenities at her. While she cried, they would point cameras at her, saying, "oh, honey, this is going on YouTube, so say whatever you want!", taunted her, bullied her. She finally was able to get help. And none of this has hit the media. Just as the media ignores all the other affronts Governor Walker's supporters are receiving. And I firmly believe that there must have been other similar incidents that have not been reported because people is scared.

You may be thinking, "so what? Just one incident." Or "she is so stupid for going to Madison with a Walker sign." And that is where I say, "WAIT A MINUTE!" Last time I checked, this is a democracy, and we ALL have the right to demonstrate. Madison is not owned by the protesters. It is the house of ALL of Wisconsin residents. So, if a group organized and decided to demonstrate in support of Governor Walker, is it OK for the anti-Walker protesters to treat them like Mubarak's thugs treated protesters in Egypt? I don't think so.

In Egypt, the people protested against the status quo, against a situation that was holding them back and prevailed for decades. They finally said it was enough. And I would not DARE to compare myself to an Egyptian living in the conditions many of them have lived. To me, it would be arrogant on my part, and an insult to the people of Egypt to do such a thing. I know many of them have said they support Wisconsin workers. And that is OK. That is what freedom is about. But I am certain most of them would not support the tactics being used here.

So stop comparing. Those who complained before of political rhetoric causing damage and inciting acts of violence are the ones on the other side of the coin. And they are doing a fine job of showing their true colors.

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WI Heritage said...

Would people rather become Egypt than reconnect to the heritage that made Wisconsin such a great state?