Thursday, April 10, 2008

Domestic Violence: Global Threat

I was reading one of Puerto Rico's daily newspapers. One of the headliners is a shocker, and yet too familiar. A woman was stabbed to death by her significant other right at her workplace, wrapping up the violence circle. The paper states that this is so far the 8th death due to domestic violence this year. The victim has repeatedly requested help from the authorities in the form of restraining orders. The first one was granted, but it expired and never renewed.

Unfortunately, this is happening very frequently. Right here, in our small town, we had a mother stabbed to death by her partner. Police had intervened previously, but the victim ended up dead anyway. What is it? Lack of sensitivity on part of the authorities? Some people are quick to point the finger to the victim. The victims did not ask to be killed. There is training, anger management, shelters, campaigns against violence. And yet, the problem continues to grow. Somewhere it has to stop. Somewhere, people around the world has to learn this is not OK. Authorities have to listen, and act, to protect those in danger. We protect endangered species...well, human females may be next...

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