Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What children know...

Today, driving home from work with my girls, my youngest asks, out of the blue, "Mommy, is Sharon still sick?." My heart sank. If you see my posts on "Life and Death", you will then know who Sharon is. She is a dear friend of our family who passed away a few months back. She adored my kids!

So, my little 2-year-old angel asked for her today, with her characteristic innocence. I could not help but to start crying. I told her, "No, mama. Sharon is no longer sick. She is in heaven with God, and she is very happy." She said, "Oh, with God, and Baby Jesus, and Papa Ruben, and..." so she proceeded to list my ancestors in that long list of people who went to heaven...

What do children know that we don't? What can they see that we can't? What is the amazing gift they have, that gets smothered by growing up, by society, by more rational people who do not believe in "non-sense"?

When my oldest was a baby, she would stare, as if looking at something I could not see. No, she was not zoning. There was purpose in the way she looked into space.

The other day, my little one told her father she "knew" Papa Ruben lived with Baby Jesus. She "knew" Baby Jesus and angels took care of Papa Ruben...a papa she never met...or did she? Then, I told my mother, "Marissa has a message for you from Papa Ruben." As I relayed the "message", I could hear my mother crying on the other side of the phone. They were tears of joy, bittersweet tears, just like the ones I had today when she asked if Sharon was still sick.

I said it before...I believe, because I do. Many may think this is all non-sense, quackery, whatever. I believe death is not the end, and there are many, many things outthere our minds and intellects are simply to small to comprehend. It is very humbling to admit this. And I don't like the idea that all this soul work would simply finish underground, eaten by worms.

What children know, that we don't...

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