Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have been thinking of writing about Kate for a while. Kate who?

Have you seen that show, Jon & Kate plus 8?

THAT Kate...

See? I love the show. It is funny and the kids are precious.

Kate, I have to say, is very close to what I could call my hero. If I don't, it's because I know the show is just TV. Even when they call it "reality" tv. It is still TV. Things get edited, and I know the main "characters" may have an "on tv" persona.

The show has been under lots of scrutiny from the very beginning. All sorts of questions, comments and opinions are provoked by this show. From their looks, to their parenting and other family relationships, to the use of the money and products they receive, to say that the children are being exploited.

Lots of other women I talk to feel that Kate is controlling, mean to Jon, and maybe even has some issues better treated by a mental health professional.

Even my husband comments on how much of a...mean wife she can be.

But I still think she is great. I mean...come on! I only have two kids to raise, and my house is far from organized, I go crazy sometimes with our daily routines (or lack of them), and many times I am exhausted. So I can only try to imagine what my life would be with more kids; even harder to picture 8!

Maybe is because her way of running her house is more like the way Latin mothers run their houses. And I hope I don't get blasted by this comment. But if you go to the house of a traditional Hispanic mother with a lot of children, this behavior is not that uncommon. Or at least, it wasn't when I was growing up. So this is why I don't find her behavior that horrible, while others do.

Now, a blog has appeared, supposedly trying to shed "light" on a situation happening at the show. A friend of Kate's family, who regularly appears in the show, supposedly was asked not to return to the show's most recent season. This person's sister has started the blog. I have to say, I sensed tons of anger and bitterness on that blog. I cannot say, however, if what it says is true or not. I will not judge her one way or the other. There are more than 1 side to every story.

Still, I will continue to watch. My kids love seeing the "little kids show", as they call it. I learn a lot watching them cope with situations that seem very real to me, even from a tv show. And I hope we are allowed to continue to peek into their lives. After all, nobody is perfect. Not even Kate!

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