Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is just a sausage!?!?!

So, the first time I ever heard of people eating sausages other than breakfast was when I moved to Wisconsin. In Puerto Rico, I have had either breakfast sausages, or chorizo, a great ingredient for paella and other delicacies.

Brats, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage...never heard of them until moving here in 1989.

I love brats and Italian sausages. So we always have them here.

My mother is here visiting from the Island.

Of course, she has no idea of how to make or cook one of the above-mentioned sausages.

My oldest daughter stayed home with her yesterday. She is only 8 years old. At lunch time, my mother is hovering all over her asking many times what she would like for lunch. As many Hispanic mamas, she can be a little over-bearing with her "nietas" (granddaughters). My daughter kept saying she was not hungry.

Around 1 pm, I call the house from work. My dear daughter says she finally had lunch. She had an Italian sausage.

Many people who I related this story to, said at first, "Is just a sausage!?! What is the big deal?".

The sausage was RAW!!!

My daughter showed the box of sausages to my mom and told her she wanted one for lunch. Mind you, my mother is anal and meticulous. She bugs me for everything, and many times, the issues are far less significant. But for a food which she is not familiar with in the least, she could not check with me about how to handle it. She put one gigantic Italian sausage, frozen, in the microwave for 4 minutes, and then fed it to my daughter.

Needless to say, I was furious. I went ballistic.

My daughter has not gotten sick, thank goodness. Our doctor ordered some tests, just to make sure if we have to treat it or not.

Hopefully, it will stay at "it was just a sausage"...

As for my mother, I think she learned her lesson...until next time...


Cassy said...

Oh no! The thought just grosses me out! I'm weird about my food - it must be fully cooked, almost burnt. Burgers, chicken, sausage - have to be blackened or I can't eat them.

There have been some times when my mami has also fed my son questionable items. He is alive and well, thank goodness.

cbroolio said...

Oooooh, my tummy hurts thinking about that!